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two piece set by Runaway // glasses by RAEN from PacSun // shoes from Bardot // ring from Erin Fader Jewelry

photos by Christian Fang

Happy Saturday lovies 🙂

I think I have a small obsession with polka dots.  Yesterday I wore a red polka dot dress in the day, and later changed into this adorable polka dot two piece set in the afternoon.  side note: Does anyone else change your outfits throughout the day like I do?? Now that I actually think about it, I think I’m a serial outfit changer.

My friend Christian is in town from Sweden so he met me downtown and we drove to Venice to shoot this look and grab a drink afterwards.   We ran out of time and he had to go to another photoshoot so I ended up grabbing a drink by myself.  I thought it would feel more awkward than it did, but it was totally fine.  I usually don’t like doing things solo (like I would NEVER go to the movies by myself… some people like doing that and I’m like HOW?!) but I just sat and edited some photos on my phone, drinking my spicy mezcal margarita.  It’s the best spicy marg in LA that I’ve had.  Just the right amount of heat and freshness. For it to get me to sit at a bar alone on a Friday, you know this cocktail is no joke.

After my solo cocktail adventure I went to Austin’s to get ready for the Pepperdine Law School ball! We had a pregame first at his place then went to the venue in Malibu around 9ish.  It was fun to meet more of his law school friends 🙂

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