Is Yoxing A Thing?

You might've read the title of this blog post and thought, "hmm, a new workout?! I want to learn more!" or you could've just thought "idk and don't care" but EITHER WAY I'm here to tell you that no, yoxing is not a thing. But I thought it was prior to this yoxing event. FYI yoxing is the combination of yoga and boxing. But it's just that. I thought we would be doing cool moves that were derived from both practices, but no! It was simply just doing a little bit of boxing, then yoga haha. We were all sweating our bootys off.. and the sun was making it that much more intense! But it was fun to workout on the rooftop with my friends 🙂

We are all wearing Tully Lou, which is an activewear brand based out in Australia. My favorite boxing teacher Josh was the instructor for boxing, and one of the founders of Tully Lou was the yoga instructor. We had a bunch of photo-ops and drank some fresh juices on the rooftop afterwards. It was a great way to start my Thursday morning!

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