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Hi lovies!

Oh gosh. my eyesight is getting worse by the day… it’s hurting my eyes to look at the computer screen right now.  I recently did an eye test at the doctors and they said I had 20/40 vision and that I should probably go to the optometrist and get glasses.  I’m really feeling the eye strain right now after looking at the computer a lot today.  I need to make an appointment!

I wanted to tell you guys about the dreamy experience I had at the Burke Williams spa in Hollywood on my birthday.  This birthday I was in the mood to be pampered, so the first thing I made sure to do was schedule an hour massage at their spa.  I’ve been to this location once before for an event, and fell in love with the jacuzzi in the locker room.  They decorated it so nicely with the Moroccan feel.  So of course I had to come back for a full treatment, and to hangout in the jacuzzi!

My massage was absolutely fantastic.  My mind usually gets so stressed during a massage (I know, WHY?) because I’m always thinking “Should I tell them more pressure?” or “I wonder how many minutes are left?” haha.  But this time it was so perfect that I thought of absolutely nothing.  And it was so nice.  My masseuse even added hot rocks and aroma therapy since it was my birthday, so that was definitely a plus :)

After my massage I kept the pamper going and got a pedicure.  They do steam pedicures instead of using water, so it’s very eco- friendly, which I always appreciate.  I just sat there with my cookie flavored tea (which I really wanted to find the name of!) and sat back into full relaxation mode.  And my pedicurist actually did a really good job!  I was really happy with the light pink color.

The next time I go back I think I’m going to schedule a facial, since I’ve heard great things from my friends who have had one there.  Facial and massage sounds pretty good?  And a dip in that dreamy jacuzzi!  For more info about the Burke Williams spa you can visit their website here!

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