Change Up

Today we had a loooong day of driving/castings/photo shoots so I am extra happy to be in bed and not be out right now. I definitely need to catch up on sleep after last night. We went to Steve Aoki's clothing line Dim Mak release party at Saks, followed by dinner and an after party at the Highlight Room. It was fun but I ended up getting back to Austins at like 3 am, so I'm preeeetty tired right now. Austin and I had sushi date night and I was basically eating with my eyes closed haha.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot from the photoshoot we did in Venice today! Cannot wait to see the real photos. Sara and I were so excited to shoot with another photographer (as opposed to us taking each other's pictures like we usually do) because sometimes it all starts to look the same. We want to have a lot of varying content to keep the images fresh and unexpected. I'm not really a fan of the typical "blog photo" look. We're trying to incorporate a little more creativity and edge. What are your guys' thoughts on that?

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  • Oana Post author

    I’ve actually commented on Sara’s post at some point in the past, telling that it would be interesting to see different content on your two blogs. I get it that you are invited to the same events, you live together and get to spend much time with each other, but I often see the same pictures, in the same places, even if they are taken on the street. I’m sure that you aim to individualise yourself from other bloggers, so maybe this is a good starting point. Looking forward to seeing how things evolve around here!


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi Oana! Thanks for your opinion! I always want to know what you guys think and listen to the ways I can improve the blog <3 I will definitely be more mindful of this, even when we're taking outfit photos of each other. Have a great Monday <3



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