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Hi guys!

I often get questions here on the blog and on Instagram DMs about my workout routine.  Ever since I started my membership at Equinox I’ve been going regularly, about 4-5 times a week.  I would consider myself in good shape, but there are always going to be areas I want to improve and work on.  I always try to keep it exciting and not have a set gym routine, otherwise I get bored.

 Equinox is really good about having different kinds of fun classes you can take, so I thought I would try out a bunch of different classes for a couple of weeks and give you guys a review of which ones I liked, disliked, and will continue to take.

Some of the classes I didn’t like I could guess was more because of the teacher, not the class. I get really bummed when I take a class with a teacher that I end up not liking.  It could be their slow pace, way of talking, lack of motivating skills, volume and choice of music, etc.

That’s why it’s so important for me to remember the names of the teachers I DO like, so I can make sure I go to their classes in the future.

HERE is a list of the classes I’ve tried, a little description about them,and what I thought of each.

CARDIO FIT BARRE: ”high energy, non-stop barre work to amp up your heart rate, promote maximum caloric burn, and sculpt muscles for a lengthened and toned physique”.  

I took this class two times.  This is a prime example of how much impact the instructor has on your class!  The first time I took it, I was unimpressed.  I barely felt a workout, the music was too quiet, and it was just too easy.  The second time ended up being best f*ing class I’ve taken in a long time. My butt, abs, and arms were so sore the next day.

GET UP AND FLOW (YOGA): ”an invigorating series of yoga postures tailored to your morning body”.  

So I’ve taken tons of yoga classes at different studios, so it wasn’t that amazing for me.  It was alright, but I would try a different yoga class next time.

STUDIO CYCLING: ”a cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles.  Classes are real terrain based and focus on heart rate zones, climbs, and sprints”.  

It’s like a Soul Cycle spin class!  In fact, Equinox owns Soul Cycle so they share the same bikes, instructors, etc.  I looooove this class.  Loud music and a dark room lit up by the instructor’s stage.  I’ve had very motivating instructors so far!

PILATES: ”an innovative system of mind-body exercise that teaches the body awareness and good posture while increasing core strength, flexibility, and mobility”.  

I’ve tried out the private pilates class on the traditional machine, and mat pilates in a group class.  The private lesson was great, but it’s not included in the membership and way too expensive for me.  So, that’s out.  The group mat pilates was a real snooooooze.  So boring haha.

AB LAB: ”improve your core strength, balance, and posture.  A focused workout with cutting edge abdominal and lower back exercises”.  

This is just a 15 minute class so it’s kind of perfect for me because abs are the one area that I don’t push myself with.  I kind of need a class to force me to do the ab exercises I wouldn’t do on my own.  I added this to the end of my self workout and loved it!

What is your favorite workout class? <3

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