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After a few long months of having a sad, empty living room, we can finally LIVE in our living room!  It all came together when our couch was delivered on Wednesday.  We wanted to wait to see the couch in person before we bought the coffee table, so once it arrived we picked one that went perfectly with the couch and the rug.  The table has a little bit of a Restoration Hardware vibe, but a verrrrry nice price tag.  It was only like $194! A total steal.

I smile every time I open my front door and see our living room set up so pretty.  I’m really happy with how everything came together!  The star of the show is definitely the couch.  Can you believe that we ordered it last Friday and it came on Wednesday?  That is like UNHEARD OF in the couch industry haha.  We got very lucky.  Sara and I were just scrolling through a website and we both saw the couch and at the same time we’re like ”OMG!” so that’s when we knew it was the one.  We bought it right then and there, and luckily, with a few discount codes, we ended up saving over $1400.  It was insane!

We were a little bit worried that we wouldn’t have a spot to put our serving cart, but I think it looks great in the corner next to the lamp.  We have a wide space in between the back of the couch and the wall, and we’re debating if we should pull it back a little bit to make the room seem bigger?  What do you guys think?

We’re also going to get a few big Euro pillows to soften up the couch.  We were thinking an oatmeal color.. what color do you guys think would look good?

The beautiful blush pink roses look perfect on the coffee table, and the best part is that they will last a whole year like that!

Below is a list of all of the brands we bought from, and they’re all linked to the product!

couch: West Elm

table: World Market

rug: Loloi

pillows: Loloi

roses: La Fleur

It’s such a good feeling to have a space that you decorated from the floor to the ceiling!  I can already feel the Maria Montazami coming out of me because I’m constantly thinking of ways I can arrange things and redecorate haha.

I want to know what you guys think!!! Leave a comment below!

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