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Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics but I have to share a little bit about the surprise party my family threw me last night for my birthday!

I would love to say I was completely surprised, but I wasn’t haha.  There were a couple of clues that led me to believe something was going on… Sara and I had blowout appointments at Drybar, and she left early to go to a marketing event with Diego, but I accidentally left my makeup bag in her car, and I needed it to get ready for dinner with Austin later that night, so she had to drop it off at the house real quick for me. Right as I was coming home from my hair appointment I see Sara in her car pulling out of her street, so I roll down my window and she gives me this terrified looking face so I was thinking wtf haha then I see a balloon in the backseat of her car.  I was like hmmmm….but I knew she wanted to meet up for drinks after my dinner with Austin so I didn’t think it was that weird.

Finally Austin picks me up for dinner and we arrive at this bar, only to find out I forgot my wallet at home, so we have to go back and get it (sorry Austin if this made your planning harder lol) but all in all we arrive to the restaurant and then Austin blows it all.  He says to the hostess ”Party for Hanna” and she starts walking to the back room of the restaurant.  LIKE WHY WOULD YOU SAY PARTY FOR HANNA???? Hahaha he held the secret for two weeks and then spoils it 10 seconds before!  So when I walked into the room I was already smiling, waiting to see a crowd haha.  I was so excited to see my whole family there!!!  They’re always very dramatic when they have to drive up to LA so it felt extra special to see them all there.  AND Austin’s sister Ashli and Diego were there too<3

Whether I was totally surprised or not, I felt so loved and grateful!  What a feeling, to have everyone there.

THANK YOU to all of you for the birthday wishes… it was truly a great birthday.

On another note, our couch finally arrived!  I cannot wait to show you guys the photos. I’m shooting some areas of the apartment today for you all.

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