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Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite styling products that I use for my hair. Some of these products I’ve already talked about here on the blog, but I’ve been using them for at least 1+ years now and they’re my tried and true go-to’s.

Kérastase  Nutritive Nectar Thermique: THIS IS FOR PRE BLOW DRY.  I blow dry my hair every time I get out of the shower (air dry just doesn’t do it for me) so this is an extra important step in my haircare routine.  It gives high heat protection and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil:  This is my saving grace.  I use it for three different scenarios: after the shower when my hair is wet as a leave in treatment, after I curl my hair as a beautifying oil, and in my hair to make it smell good (if I haven’t showered that day). It’s the freakin’ best, trust me.  There’s a spray version and an oil version, get the oil version.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: The top of the line when it comes to dry shampoo.  I’ve tried a bunch, and this one is by far the best  and it works for extended periods of time.  It doesn’t let your hair look greasy after 2 hours like some other dry shampoos do.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray:  I don’t normally use beach spray but I do take it with me to photoshoots, when curling irons aren’t available.  My hear’s very heavy so curls die FAST.  I’ll just bring this one in my bag and spray and crunch my hair into beachy waves when it starts to frizz up and straighten.

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Beyond the hair products that I’ve mentioned here, Lyko has over 40,000 different products from over 1000 different brands. They also have over 40 stores in Sweden and Norway. They basically sell everything I have in my beauty closet, from Montazami Brand White Label Eau de Parfum to my Redken shampoo and conditioner 😉

This post is in collaboration with Lyko
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