My heart is broken. Yesterday on October 1, 2017, a horrific act of terrorism took place in Las Vegas, at a country music festival.  An evil human, whose name I refuse to mention, took away 59 precious lives, and injured more than 500.  This coward has taken away moms, dads, daughters, sons, cousins, husbands and wives, and friends away from their families.  All for what?  For nothing.  No sane person could ever understand how a person could commit an act of terrorism.  It’s something too bizarre to wrap our heads around.

My roommate in college, Jessica, was greatly affected by this tragedy.  Her dad is the President and COO of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where the shooter committed this horrific crime Sunday night.  I know he did his best to handle the tragedy that occurred at his hotel.  Thank you to the Mandalay Bay and concert staff, all first responders, and heroic civilians who helped those in need during the extreme panic.

The stories I’ve heard on the radio and on the news are truly devastating.  What will it take for this country to start implementing gun control? There are too many guns in the hands of insane, mental people and they are killing our neighbors in cold blood.  THINGS NEED TO CHANGE.  A gun that could kill on this scale should not be allowed in their hands, period.


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