Wow, 27 has never looked so good! Happy birthday to the girl I do everything with. Thanks for letting me follow you around as a kid (and now), finishing my sentences, letting me use your protein powder in my daily smoothies, always being there to talk to, and being the one that truly gets me. You are the best big sister I could ever ask for, and I'm so unbelievably lucky to have you!

The card that I bought for Sara was so perfect. Every birthday we make sure to buy a card for the birthday person that stands out and really touches your heart when you read it. After standing in the card aisle for ten minutes, I picked up this cheesy looking purple card and before I even read what it said on the inside I knew it was the one, just from the front. On the outside it said, "I might not always say it, and you may not even know…" (it said one more line but I forgot), and this was so perfect for me because I'm not always so mushy-gushy with Sara and I don't always verbally tell her how special she is to me, even though I feel it on the inside. I guess sometimes I just get awkward with that stuff haha. But the inside said something like, "you're my sister, you're so special, and I love you". It was definitely the ugliest looking card on the shelf but it was the one that I connected with! Later when Sara opened the card, she's like, aww I love the butterfly! I hadn't even noticed the butterfly on the front of the card!! (I have always loved butterflies). It was a sign that I picked the right card I guess 🙂

We celebrated by meeting our mom at South Coast Plaza to get Sara a belt and a wallet from Saint Laurent (fancayyyy!) and ended up drinking champagne, dressing up and dancing in the dressing room haha. I will never forget that memory!

Afterwards we did an Alo Yoga class on the helipad of the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. What a view!!! It was insane. Then we sang and ate cake by the pool. It was a great day to say the least!

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  • Celine Post author

    Hello Hanna! Can you tell me where your and sara’s yoga Pants are from? I want to get one in that Color but somehow orange is not easy to find in fall/winter season! thanks, Celine



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