Ideal of Sweden Brunch

Saturday I went to Ysabel for the Ideal of Sweden brunch with a ton of other bloggers and influencers! A lot of Swedes too 🙂

I'm so so exhausted from the weekend, I slept all day and night yesterday and I'm still tired! I'm happy it's Monday though, so I can get back on track with work stuff. We have a couple MB meetings today, which could be the start of a few exciting things 🙂


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  • Ana Post author

    When will we see your and Saras new apartment? I need some serious decor inspiration a s a p <3


    • hannamontazami Post author

      OMG as soon as we get our couch!! We’ve been waiting so long for it to arrive :(( Everything else in the apartment is pretty much done! Can’t wait to show 🙂


  • Nathalie Post author

    Thanks for coming Hanna!!! so nice meeting you sweetie <3


  • Vera Post author

    I have red your blog for ages and I think you seem like such a sweetheart! Your such a inspiration!!

    So I am moving to Cali in January and would love to read more blogs from around where you live to get more excited about my move! So it would be so much fun if you could link your fave blogs (no matter if they’re from cali or not)! Have a great weekend x



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