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dress by Saltwater Luxe (here!) // hat by Hanna Montazami X Hat Attack (here!)

photos by Ryan Chua


Ever since I started my Equinox gym membership in July, I’ve only worked out by myself or with a trainer.  While that really works for me I was starting to get a little bored, because I often found myself doing the same routine at the gym.  30 minutes of cardio, then squats, butt exercises on the floor, and then arms and abs.  Since I got back from Sweden, where I did not workout once (why do I still bother wasting precious space in my luggage for workout clothes?!!), I was really itching to add a different level of intensity to my workouts.  So this week I wanted to mix in some group fitness classes.

Equinox has a bunch of different classes, from yoga to spin, and mostly everything in between, so I’m trying a variety of different classes this week to find out which ones I like going to.  So far I’ve tried ”Barre Fit Cardio” and ”Get Up and Flow”.  I’ll do a review on the classes once the week is over to let you guys know which ones I’ll be adding to my workout routine.  Ideally I would want to go to a class 3X a week and add solo gym time in between.

I’m definitely going to try one of the spin classes, because they own Soul Cycle (one of the most popular spin studios across the States) and they have top of the line bikes and instructors.  I also see”Cardio Hip Hop Funk,” ”Best Butt Ever” and ”Ab Lab” so I think I’ll try those out too.

Once I’m done experimenting with the classes I’ll let you guys know which ones I did and didn’t like, which made me feel most sore, my absolutely favorite, which ones were a total snooze, and so on.

What is your favorite workout class to take?  I think my ALL-TIME favorite is pilates.

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  • Alejandra Post author

    Hi Hanna!!
    Well…. I hate going to the gym! I’ve tried it a million times but I feel it’s too boring.
    I love love love playing tennis, I guess because it’s more than a workout. You get to be better and better at something, you meet new people and you challenge yourself. Practicing a sport, for me personally, it’s the best encouragement to never get bored.
    I know I don’t comment much, but I looove your blog, I’m always checking for new post.
    Greetings from Colombia! (Sorry for my English) 😉


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Tennis has always been SOOO fun to me. I feel exactly the same as you.. it almost feels like you’re not even working out when you play sports 🙂 I would love to start tennis lessons.. thanks for reading love<3


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