Snapshots from Stockholm!

I weirdly had such a strong connection to this fountain, right outside of our hotel.  It was so beautiful and reminded me of a dandelion!

This was one of our dishes from Punk Royale.  Every dish was a little crazy.  The first course was a scoop of caviar placed on your hand, which you had to eat right before a shot of vodka.  The caviar was the best I’ve ever had, but the bill was sooo expensive.  They didn’t give you a menu so I didn’t have a clue it would be so expensive.  The bill came out to over $400 for 3 people…

One of Lars Wallin’s wedding gowns.  This one was my second favorite, after the strapless lace gown with the bow.

I looked through the current issue of Wedding magazine for some inspo before the photoshoot.  This was my favorite picture from the spread!

Ever since Italy I’ve been in the mood for Aperol Spritz’s when I’m at a bar.  This one wasn’t as yummy as the others I’ve had though!

Swedish meatballs!! I have to order them at least once when I visit.  This trip I had it twice.

That awkward moment when you share the same husband as your sister….. LOL.

A pretty picture from miles and miles above the ground.

The first evening in Stockholm, when we walked around one of my favorite areas in Stockholm, Gamla Stan 🙂

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