When did I become a stripe pshyco?? It’s all I wear these days.  And I love it.  Even better if it comes in a set.  I was walking around Florence and it was kind of chilly / I didn’t really like my outfit so we walked into Zara and bought a whole new look for the day.  I found this red striped jacket and pants and just had to have it!

Speaking of Florence though, what a magical city.  I love how different the cities in Italy are from each other.  They’re not all the same, and there’s something special about each one.  Each city we’ve been to has a different vibe than the last.  Florence treated us so well, but now we’re off to Verona, to work with Calzedonia!  We really took advantage of this work trip…. with one day of work and eleven days of vacation I’m not sure if it still passes as a “work trip” but whatever hehe.  I’m so happy we did our little tour through Italy!

jacket and pants from Zara // bag from a little shop in San Gimignano


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