So as you guys know now I’m in Rome, but these pictures are from our time in Capri!  I really wish we would’ve stayed longer on the Amalfi Coast, but now we know for next time!  We’re cutting our trip in Rome a day early and taking off for Tuscany.  We have organized a day at a beautiful winery in San Gimignano, where we have a bunch of fun activities planned.  I’m really looking forward to being in a small town again.   Rome is a bit too intense for me..

Pants from Faithful the Brand // bikini top from Triangl // shoes from Solsana

Capri was so ”homey” to me.  It had so much charm!  People say it’s ”too chic” and ”bougie” but I don’t think of it like that.  It’s a very small island so everyone knows each other, and the people are so sweet to each other.  There’s beach clubs, boat tours, insane views, good food, and nice people.  That is right up my alley! The only thing I really wish we had time to do is a boat tour around the island and to the blue grotto.  We unfortunately didn’t have time, so we will have to save that for our next trip to Capri!

Some restaurants I recommend are Virgilio Capri and E’ Divino.

Luigi beach club is a must! It’s right next to the famously known Fontelina beach club.

You must get the gelato that is near the town square.  There was the longest line for ice cream I’ve ever seen!  Everytime we passed it we weren’t in the mood for gelato, so I never got to try it :/ but I know it’s good just from the smell and the line!

The cable railway is so easy to take from the port to the main square, and it costs only 2 Euros.

Don’t waste your meals eating at one of the restaurants in the port… tourist trap for sure!


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