Well, actually, going against the title of this blog post, you should be in Positano for more than 24 hours!  We went there ”for the day” and it wasn’t enough time…. like at all.

Before I start with the recos let me just tell you a little story about our experience in Positano.  We had a veeeery late night the night before we left, and we woke up around noon.  That messed everything up because there wasn’t a ferry from Capri to Positano until 3:30.  So we had to ”kill time” and grab lunch in the port, but ultimately we were losing precious time in Positano, because the last ferry going back to Capri was at 6 pm.  So yeah, we would’ve essentially only been there for three hours.  We couldn’t not go, so we just said f*ck it, let’s just do it.

We arrive to Positano at the most beautiful hour, when the sun is on it’s way down and the buildings turn to pastel colors.  Immediately we were so happy we still decided to go.  We headed straight for the Il’Encanto Beach club (the one with those famous green and orange umbrellas) and jumped in the water.  Before we knew it we were on our way back to the port to buy our 6 pm ferry ride back to Capri.

On our walk over there, the owner of a restaurant came up to us and asked where we were going.  We told him the situation and he was like hold on one second.  He tried calling a couple of hotels he knew but all of them were booked.  He told us we would be making a mistake if we left, and that we should really try to find a place to stay.  Two minutes later Sara looks at me and I already knew what she was going to say.  She was like, ”Do we even need a hotel??” And being the more cautious sister, I was stating a million reasons why it would be a bad idea to stay without accommodations (staying on the beach, FYI) but in the back of my mind I reeeeally wanted to stay.

After 10 minutes of deliberating and going back and forth, we decided to say f*ck it once more, and stay on the freaking beach in Positano.

Let me just say it was the best decision we’ve made on this trip!  The memories we made and the friends we met made it all an unforgettable experience.  One to tell the kids about.

We met the sweetest people, and ended up staying up all night talking and listnening to music in a cute little Italian beach hut, and ultimately waking up on the sun bed on the beach.  Caught the earliest ferry to Capri in the morning and got on with our travels!







So, here’s what we did and what I recommend:

Beach club: Il’ Encanto.  You don’t really even need to know the name because you’ll see it when you get there.  Sun beds with an umbrella is around 15 Euro. Bring a towel because they charge 5 Euro to rent one, with a 20 Euro deposit (annoying).

To go for drinks: Bucca de Bacco (amazing view at sunset!! perfect place to share a bottle of wine)

Dinner: Chez Black (this is the restaurant of the owner we met!) The ravioli and seafood dishes are amazing, and try the lemon delight for dessert, you will not be disappointed!

After dinner drinks: Fly Bar. THIS IS A MUST. Order the ”In My Mind” cocktail if you like vodka, cucumber, and amazingness.

Dancing: Music on the Rocks.  GREAT music and such a fun vibe.

Don’t Miss: watching the sunrise.  You don’t have to sleep on the beach like me LOL but get out of the hotel early one morning and enjoy it!

Good picture spot: Right by the church!  You only have to climb a little bit of stairs from the main area and you’re there.  Go when the sun has just went down.

Aaaaaand that’s all I know because again I was only there for less than 24 hours haha.  Have you guys been to any of these places?



PS my tangerine dress is from Sisters The Label <3

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