My Sunday

This is my Sunday in a nutshell! Austin and I woke up and got breakfast at one of our favorite local spots called Gjelina, and had yummy micheladas and oysters, labneh and jam on toast, and a soft scramble. Everything we order there is always soooo good.

After breakfast I went over to Nicho's new college house to help him move in and get situated! He's about to start his second year at LMU, where I went to school, and it was very nostalgic driving through that neighborhood today. We built an IKEA dresser… and you know how that is. Of course we messed up in one of the last steps (and it was something we couldn't un-do) but Nicho thought of a brilliant idea to drill our own holes and it worked!! We ended up with a beautiful dresser so that's all that matters…. doesn't really matter how we got there haha.

I'm now watching Game of Thrones with Austin on my new TV! The picture is insane. I feel like I'm there. I've come a long way from my dinosaur TV. And no I am not a GOT watcher, I've seen random scenes but never really got into it. I'm sure if I started from episode 1 I would get hooked. I mean, pretty much the whole world is hooked. Are you guys GOT crazy?!

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