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Things I Did on National Relaxation Day

If you didn't know National Relaxation Day was a real thing, you might want to add it to your 2018 calendar. In my opinion it's just as important as Halloween, and I loooove Halloween. But really, everyone is SO busy and caught up with work and stress and in need of some relaxation and de-stressing activities. Like massages, and facials, and cucumber on your eyes, and whirl pools with champagne. I'll skip on the cucumber eyes though because my eyes literally BURN when I put a cucumber on them. It's like burning and cooling at the same time and I can't have it on there for more than ten seconds before almost losing my eyesight. Does anyone else experience this problem or is it just me?? When I see cucumbers being passed out at a spa I literally run the other way. Which actually sucks because I feel the amazing cooling sensation for 5 seconds but then it's quickly replaced by a dry ice burn sensation. Fun, right???

I tried out the Burke Williams spa in West Hollywood and fell in love with their Moroccan decor (I was stealing ideas for my apartment). My masseuse was so so nice and she even asked if she can "go overtime" on my neck massage. Like um YEAH please do. What kind of sick person would say no?? There's nothing worse than having a masseuse that is strict with that beeping timer…..

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  • Alicia

    Hi, which lipstick do you normally go for? You seem to have such a beautiful peachy color on recently posts that I just totally like, could you please tell?


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