Does it look like Pinterest just threw up on my blog?  Yeah?  Well it might as well have! Pinterest is the bestttt for locking down your theme and visualizing your design ideas.  It’s so easy to just fall in love with something that does not go with the rest of your apartment, and then you end up with nothing that flows.  I always catch myself wanting things that do not align with the theme we’re going for, and it just helps me to follow a strict decor while being able to add our own personal touch.

So what is our theme, according to this mood board?

I would say Moroccan meets industrial, meets modern, with gold and silver details.  I think that’s the best way to describe it?  Maybe it’s not so good that my theme has 5 themes, but whatever, it’s what we want!

Shopping for an apartment is HARD.  You want to find the perfect couch, the most unique coffee table, a good rug, etc. all while trying to find the best price for each.  Just an FYI it’s not as easy to find stuff when your 1. picky and 2. on a budget.  You have to DIG and then dig DEEPER for the perfect piece for each space.  I’ve been doing a lot of research online and in stores, and it’s crazy how different the prices can range for the same item.

On our To Buy List:

  • a couch (we were thinking a sandy colored sectional)
  • a large rug for the living room (unless we use the rug we had in our old apartment, haven’t decided yet)
  • coffee table (somewhat industrial, wooden, unique)
  • dining table chairs
  • plants galore (tall plants!  Like fiddle leaf fig trees and other large leaf plants)
  • poofs!  Do you guys like the Moroccan little poofs that you place around the couch for extra seating?  I think they could look so cute!

What We Have Bought:

  • new TVs (thank goodness.  we had actual dinosaur TVs from the 1800s. I was talking about mounting it on my new wall and Austin was like NO you’re not bringing that into this apartment haha)
  • new dining table
  • a wooden dish holder/stand (like you see in the photos above)

What do you guys think of our overall theme(s)?  I think it will really come together nicely. I would love to hear you’re input!


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