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Ahhhhh what was I doing living in LA all this time and not going to the Beverly Hills Hotel?! It was my FIRST time there yesterday for the Montazami Brand photoshoot and I completely fell in love with the hotel and now want to live there when I'm older haha. It's so beautiful!

There was an art installation which we had been invited to come take pictures with so we used it as part of our photoshoot and I think it's going to turn out amazing. It's a secret project so I can't tell you exactly what it is just yet, but you will now very soon :)

On Thursday night I went to the Revolve Social Club to celebrate the launch of Ren Active (Alexis Ren's new activewear line) and went to one of the best restaurants afterwards called Bestia. It's very difficult to get a reservation so Austin had booked it two weeks before and we ate at 9:30. It was SO good. Italian place with homemade ingredients and great service. It's in downtown and kind of out of the way but it was definitely worth the drive for us. It was a tad bit expensive too but you really get what you pay for!

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