A Visit from Maggie

Trippy pic…. it turned out all dizzy because the phone died at the same time that I took the photo haha

Dogs can be so therapeutic. I swear they don't have a mean bone in their body. They are just animals filled with so much love and support. I had a really hard time with work today, and Maggie here was the one to cheer me up after a very long day.

Maggie is our neighbor's dog who looooves to stop by, say hi, ask for snacks, and check on everything in our apartment. She'll walk into each room and sniff the furniture, just cruising around as she pleases. I need to go to the pet store asap and buy some treats for her so I can be the cool neighbor. There's another dog (who looks just like my dog Copper) named Chloe that lives in the building so she can come for some treats too 🙂 Pretty soon a whole neighborhood of dogs will be lining up at the door waiting for some snacks! Now that is my dream haha.

Ps. The cozy sweater I'm wearing above is from Minkpink!

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