A scene from the photoshoot I did with Stitch and Feather in Hollywood Hills, shot by Raul Sparza

I’m so exhausted. Mentally and physically.  There’s 5 million things I need to get done and each thing I accomplish doesn’t even feel good because I know I have so far to go.  Today was the first time I considered a trip to the gym “me” time.  Now I know how moms must feel lol.

As soon as I’m done unpacking, things will feel a lot smoother around here.  I’m currently dodging boxes and furniture just to get to the other side of my room.  But now there’s only 1 (extra large) moving box left!  It’s filled with clothes.. which I’m not too happy about.  I’ve already filled up my closet to a comfortable capacity so it looks like I’m going to have to get rid of more clothes to make room for the others.

I have a whole car filled with trash bags and boxes with my giveaway items in it.  I wish you guys were in-person and not online for a second so I could just give you guys all of my stuff haha.  There’s seriously so much good stuff that I’m saying bye to!  Shoes, new and old clothes, new hair and skin products, etc. But instead I will take it to Buffalo Exchange and then donate the rest to charity like usual!

 SF-388      SF-394



Well, like I said, I’m running on empty so I need to get to bed! It’s a good thing my TV is not hung up on the wall yet so I will have to go straight to sleep :))

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