HERE IT IS! My beautiful new home.

As you guys know I moved in the day before I left for Maui so I haven’t really gotten a chance to unpack boxes and start organizing and decorating.  I’ve been so anxious to start on this new project.  I’ve always had a passion for interior design so I’m especially excited that Sara and I got rid of a lot of our furniture to start new with a different, fresh design.

The apartment is light and airy, with tons of windows and natural light.  Hardwood floors and high ceilings throughout (which were both a big bonus for us).

The top three priorities we had when apartment hunting were: bright, natural light, good neighborhood/location, and spacious closet space.  While Sara’s closet was not as big as she wanted/needed, it seemed to really fit our list.  In our old apartment, it was facing a way where the sun couldn’t shine past 1 pm, so everything was always so dark and depressing.  And we didn’t have any sense of community living in that big apartment complex.  Now, it couldn’t be more opposite.  We’re so much happier in our sunlit place, and our neighbors are the nicest people ever.  I feel bad because we’ve been so busy and we’ve had to say no to the BBQ’s that they invite us to, but there will be plenty of time for that soon 🙂

My favorite things about this apartment:

1.  MY CLOSET.  Finally I found a place that can (almost) house all of my clothes and shoes.

2.  The living room.  I like how we have a bigger living room and smaller kitchen.  This means more space to entertain.  Now we can have people over, make drinks at the wet bar, and sit around the couch listening to music or watching TV.

3.  The location!!!! Steps from the beach, steps from all of the action.  I’m so looking forward to hanging up my car keys and only using my bike all weekend.

So, obviously there is no furniture in any of these photos because I wanted you guys to see what it looks like before we decorated.  Like I mentioned before we are going for a rustic/beachy/clean (not cluttered) Moroccan vibe.  The color scheme will focus on bright whites, dark woods, black, and gold.  We will have tons of plants, and comfy furniture.  Should I post my inspo board here on the blog?

Let me know what you guys think of my new apartment!


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