Chocolate Wafer Goodness

If you live in Sweden and you have access to Willy’s or Hemköp, do yourself a favor and try this chocolate! It is insanely good. I almost ate the whole thing in less than ten seconds today.

It tastes good AND protects the environment because it’s free from palm oil. Palm oil extraction can be very invasive and destructive to the environment, especially in the rainforest regions! The Waffie from Candy People is the perfect combo of chocolate and wafer, and its bomb dot com.

Have you guys tried it yet? 🙂

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  • Louise Post author

    Oh I love that you are writing about this product Hanna!! 🙂 Me and my bf was at Willys the other day picking out some treats and said that we should never buy anything else but these because of 1) well, they’re freakishly good and 2) no palm oil! Yay!



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