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Who doesn’t love candy?  Crazy people!  Nut jobs!

I just tried this one from Candy People Sweden called Nut Cup, and it’s their FIRST ever GMO and palm oil free candy! I love how even a candy company is evolving with the times and creating new products that are better for us to eat.  Palm oil has a very high saturated fat content, which can be linked to numerous health problems, along with GMOs.  So this candy is nice on the tongue AND the body 🙂

It’s a yummy little milk chocolate cup filled with creamy peanut butter… and there’s two in each package.  One for you and one for…. you hehe.  But one of my personal favorite parts about it is the cute packaging… perfect for a party to fill up in a glass jar on the candy table.  Or just eating at home by yourself 😉

Right now I’m actually doing a contest on my Instagram where you guys can win 100 Nut Cups!  That’s like 200 actual nut cups, people!!

For your chance to enter, go to my Instagram (@hannamontazami) and click on my latest post and read the directions 🙂  Unfortunately this is just an Instagram contest so if you don’t have an account, I’m so sorry but we will organize a blog giveaway soon.

Good luck to all my little candy lovers!

This post is in collaboration with Candy People
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