Up In The Hollywood Hills

We had such a cool jungle / Caribbean / Moroccan-style location for today’s photoshoot! It was up in the Hollywood Hills so a bit of a trek from the beach but it was interesting to see the new routes my GPS took me from my new place. I think I’m now located in a better spot to reach WeHo and other spots in that area, so that’s always good!

It’s 5 am and I’m waking up to go to the airport because we are off to…. HAWAII! I’m going with Austins family for ten days :) I’ve been so busy here with the move so it will be nice to chill for a second while I’m there.  And by chill I mean catch up on emails and work stuff without any other distractions haha. It’s been impossible lately and I need this vacation to focus more on my work… I’ll find a balance. 

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