I can’t believe it!!! We are moved into our new place! I took photos on my camera of the whole apartment so I’ll be showing those to you later, but for now here’s a sneak peek of our living area! That’s a fireplace and a wet bar in the corner :) 

Sara and I moved here because we wanted that community feeling, and to be in a bright sunny place with tons of windows and natural light. Well we got both of those things and we couldn’t be happier. Our neighbors were having a BBQ outside and we have two little pups as neighbors who like to come in and sniff around in our apartment. It’s the best.  I have a feeling we’re going to love it here!

Let me know what you guys think of the sneak peek photo, I’m dying to know if you guys like it!

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  • Celine

    Hello there! Looking Forward to seeing more Pictures, I love new Apartments and decorating them.. I’ll soon be helping out a friend who also moves and asked me for my Input decorating (I was very flattered hehe)…on another note, can you ask your mom if she could also write in english? that’d be really cool, I’m from Switzerland which is often confused with Sweden, but nope I don’t speak swedish unfortunately :) C


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi babe! I’ll be posting the full apartment tour (before decorating) tomorrow here on the blog, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! I would be flattered as well, that is such a compliment! Maybe I need to ask you a few things about interior design myself :) I’ll definitely let my momma know about writing English on her blog, thanks for your feedback love!


  • Hanna

    Don’t know if it’s a stupid question but why don’t you move in together with Austin? :)


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Not a stupid question! Moving in together is a really big step (for both of us) and we are just not ready for that. He will start law school this month so he will be very consumed with school work and we will be on completely different schedules. I think that is something for the future, but not now. :)


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