So I leave for Hawaii in exactly one week, which means I’m working out and eating right for real. I’ve been exercising almost every single day since I started my membership at Equinox a month ago.  Equinox is a fancy and hip gym in Marina Del Rey.  I’ve never been so obsessed with going to the gym as I am now, and it’s such a good feeling to have.  I’m so motivated when I go there, and I don’t want that to ever go away! 

So the past week I’ve been drinking this metabolism booster (mixed with water) first thing in the morning to boost my metabolism and energy.  It’s perfect to take 30 minutes before a workout or first thing in the morning to jumpstart your calorie burning. It also has tons of Vitamin B6, B12, C, and Magnesium.

This morning I put it in my smoothie, and it was bomb dot com so I had to share the recipe with you guys.

1 scoop The Help Booster powder (get it here)

1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides (vanilla coconut flavor)

1/2 a small avocado

1/2 a frozen banana

Handful of frozen strawberries 

Sprinkle of chia seeds

Handful of spinach

Blend and enjoy as breakfast 🙂

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