Family Pool Party (AFTER I GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!!)

One more thing to add to the stress list: getting in a car accident today. It was with a 92 year old lady, and she completely ran into the side of my car. We were in two lanes about to get on the freeway, and everyone has to turn onto the ramp but instead she just kept going straight and ran right into the right side of my car. Later when I talked to her she said she was confused where she was going and she didn’t know my lane was turning.  

It was so scary! My car was swerving like crazy. But then it stopped and everything was ok. No one got hurt, thankfully. That is the most important thing! Especially at her age. 

I was a little freaked out because that was the first car accident I’ve ever been in. It really makes you think. I drove the whole way home to OC with no music on, just still shocked from the noises and the swerving. And my car is not damaged that bad, just a lot of scratches on the side doors, but that will be fixed.

After I got home though I got to relax with my family by the pool. I got to meet my new 1 month old nephew Theodore! He is so cute!!!! I can’t believe my sis Leila already has four kids. It happened so fast! She definitely has her hands full. Two of her kids live in Lebanon during the school year so I don’t get to see them that often, so it was so nice to spend the whole day with them. Look how cute little Elias looks hanging out with Copper!

We made pizzas, peeled and ate raw almonds (so good), and went in the pool. It was an eventful day but it ended up being a bad day turned great 🙂

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