This top is so gorgeous! Sara gave it to me because it was a bit too small for her and I was so excited! It’s a little tight on my ribcage too but I bare through it haha. I just love the pale color against tan skin!

Friday came so fast, but it’s just about 8:30 and I’m ready to get my night started. Austin and I are grabbing sushi at our new favorite spot in Culver City called Uzumake and then we’re just going to see where the night takes us! Just like a feather in the wind hehe.

I’m going home tomorrow to hangout with my niece and nephews (from my half sister Leila) and we’re doing a pool party! My mom bought a bunch of huge inflatable toys and she has been talking about them all week haha. I love how excited she gets about things :) Hope all of you guys have an amazing Friday x

top from Endless Rose // jeans from ReDone // shoes from Tony Bianco // customized bag from Diziand // glasses from Quay

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