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YEP. We got it.  We got the place! YAY!!! WELCOME TO MY NEW NEIGHBORHOOD LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. These pictures were taken just a short walk from our new place.  That’s insaneeee.

I’m so excited to move into a new environment with new neighbors.  It’s time to get out of this apartment complex (I’m done living right across the street from LMU) and go explore some Venice living.  Well technically it’s Marina Del Rey but it’s right on the border next to Venice.

So we got the place…. now it’s time to pack my shit up, give stuff away, sell some furniture, and start planning the decor with Sara.  We move in a week and a half so things will be happening very fast… And then I leave for Hawaii two days later!  I feel bad for leaving Sara with a bunch of unpacking so we’ll put priority on the main living areas, and then I’ll just leave the boxes for me to unpack when I get home from my trip.


the romper I’m wearing in the photos is from Donna Mizani, and my bag is from Zara

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