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photos by Taryn Dudley // dress by Red Carter // shoes by Qupid // necklace by Julz Junkie Jewelry

Are you guys having a good start to the week? I know I have a big week ahead of me. Really busy with work, I have to start packing up my apartment, and let alone find an apartment.  I leave for Hawaii with Austin and his family (!) later this month, so I need to have my living situation figured out before then.  I’m very stressed to say the least.

BUT that being said, Sara and I found an absolutely gorgeous apartment today.  It was straight up perfect.  We’re sending in the applications tonight, so please keep your fingers crossed! It’s very spacious, light and bright, and the location is steps from the beach.  It’s a little expensive, but the apartment is worth it.

Since Sara has been living in the master bedroom in the apartment we live in now, we agreed that I will get the master this time around.  And the master in this apartment is huuuuge with a spacious walk-in closet! I guess good things come to those who wait 😉

Sara and I are really excited to design our new space.  We plan on selling a lot of the furniture we have now and going with a clean, Moroccan style decor with modern and rustic finishes.  A lot of bright whites, green (plants), black, and wood.  Right now the design in our current apartment is a bit all over the place.  We had a lot of hand-me-downs from our mom, which was absolutely great, but now it’s time to explore our own home design style! I’ve always had a passion for interior decorating so it will be fun doing this as a project, and taking you guys along for the ride!

If you were to design an apartment, what would the style be? Comment below!

ps. how cute is this little corner I found on Main Street?  Pink stairs, white walls, banana leaves, and neon signs.  Does it get more me?!

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  • Malin Post author

    I can’t really put a name on my style, but I like wooden floors, light colours on walls and furniture. When it comes to details I really like marine and sailor things, but I think it looks best in small doses or at a summer house 🙂


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi Malin!

      You literally just described our new place! It will be just like that. Since we’re right on the beach, I want a little bit of ”beach house” vibes as well 🙂



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