SO let’s talk about food. Specifically our every day, basic meals that keep us going throughout the work week.  I’m happy I just brought up the word ”work” because that actually has A LOT to do with how you eat throughout the week.  For example, a person working at a 9-5 desk job is going to eat at different times (and places) than say someone who works from home.

I feel like I’m an in-between-er.  Half out-n-about and half at home.  I would say more like 75% out n about and 25% home.  This is VERY confusing when it comes to planning out your meals.  If I had it my way, I’d be going to the grocery store every Monday, stocking up for the week, eating out rarely on weekdays, and once a day on weekends.  But it doesn’t work out that way for me at all.  My food schedule is a completely twisted mumbo-jumbo mess.

I’m sure this issue is similar to someone with not necessarily the same job as me, but someone with an always changing schedule.  My days are never the same (which I love) but it gets really hard to plan out your meals for the week.

My main problem/concern with all of this is wasting my groceries.  Not only is it a waste of money but a waste of food.  I’m SO done throwing away an old avocado, moldy berries, or that expensive piece of cheese that I splurged on.  You get the point.  Every time Sara and I clean out our fridge it’s like a mini funeral. And my grocery store of choice is Whole Foods, which is expensive AF, so the funeral is that much more depressing.


Might I add it’s extra hard when you’re not always sleeping at your own place.  Half the week I’m sleeping at Austin’s, and he has his own groceries there.

So what have I done to combat this issue?  Nothing.  No just kidding haha. I changed my grocery list.

I reduced my groceries to breakfast food, fruit, random snacks, and less perishable foods. Those are my ”regular” groceries.  Things I know I’ll eat when I wake up, running out the door, or when I’m at home working.

At breakfast, I will eat my oatmeal with berries or hard boiled eggs with avocado and fruit, done.

At lunch, I know I will probably be out and about so I plan on buying lunch somewhere.

And when dinner rolls around, I tackle it day by day.  A lot of times I’m going to events or dinners, so I won’t need to worry, but the other times I just run to the store and grab ingredients for that night’s dinner.  (Or we go out and eat something quick, but that’s not too often).

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But grabbing your dinner’s ingredients from the store the night of is a straight up nuisance.  I hate it! But with my changing schedule it’s pretty much necessary, right?  I don’t know.

I know if I wasn’t going back and forth from sleeping at my house and Austin’s then it wouldn’t be hard to schedule my dinners for the nights that I don’t have events, but since I am, is buying my dinner ingredients the night of my only option?

I came up with some ideas that might make things easier:

Have a strict schedule.  Have Mondays be dinner at your house, Tuesdays dinner at his, and so on.  And when you have events, just resume the schedule tomorrow.


Buy the more perishable items the day before or day of, and have all of the other less-perishable ingredients already stocked up.  This requires less thinking and quicker grocery visits.  It’s easy to stop by the market on your way home and grab a filet of salmon, knowing you have a box of quinoa in your pantry and green beans in your fridge ready to go.

I think I like my second option better. Always having less perishable dinner ingredients on hand, and only needing to pick up a few items from the store on your way home.  What do you guys think?

How do you guys manage to keep your grocery waste to a minimum?  I’d love to hear ideas 🙂

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  • Maria Montazami Post author

    Hej Hanna
    I promise I will not be a stalker on your blog but when I read your blogpost I am feeling you and understand your problems with planning the weekly food menu. I would like to suggest that you should always have a pack of frozen pizza or bagel bites haha just kidding!!! No but why don’t you do a half weekly shopping trip to your favorite store because I think it’s important to have a good healthy dinner at your home made by you. That way you also get more experienced on making dinners for your future husband and kids. You and Sara should have friends over for potluck and sharing recipes. I know that you are a healthy organic eating girl so whatever you eat must be good. Don’t overbuy just shop for a few days like I suggested. Be happy you are not a great baker haha!!
    Love you mommy 🙂



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