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So let me just be straight up honest and say that castings are SCARY.  Well, not all of them, but some are easy and some are absolutely terrifying.  It’s different each time.  But I’m so new to castings so I know it’ll get easier overtime.  I hope.  Let’s hope haha.

I had three this week, so I’m hoping I booked at least one of them?

On Thursday I was dropping Sara off at one of her castings, and I get a call from her 5 minutes later and she’s like ”Hanna! Come back!  I guess there was a mistake with the email, but they actually want you to come in too!” And I’m like uhhhh, okay?! So I go in, all frantic and not even knowing what the hell I’m auditioning for… and it’s for DISNEY.  So I’m like, ok I cannot screw this up.  I go in and I was literally soooo confused what they were looking for and I completely bombed it.  I did everything wrong, and it was sooooo bad haha.  I felt my first ”embarrassing casting” but I guess everyone doing this job has to experience that at some point in their lives hehe.

But guess what? Sara booked the Disney job! I knew she would make it I had a feeling!

This adorable little one piece bikini is from Somedays Lovin

photos shot by Taryn Dudley


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