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SO I found my new favorite photographer, sorry Sara hehe.  Her name is Taryn Dudley and she is BOMB at snapping photos.  And I never say bomb.

We shot together for the first time on Monday, and this was our first look.  I need this car in my life… It’s always on Abbot Kinney and I get so excited when I see it if I’m wearing a cute outfit. I try to always make sure I’m wearing a cute outfit on Abbot because the photo-ops there are just endless.  Definition of doin’ it for the gram.

The dress is from Tavik (find it here), the belt is from a store called Principessa (on Abbott), hat from Brixton, and shoes from the A’Gaci store (on sale HERE for $17.99!!)

wrap around chain choker is from Anarchy Street, and cross necklace is from Bagatiba

SO, you’re probably thinking alright alright let’s get to the dirty deets on what it’s really like to live in LA.

Let’s get to it, yeah?

Since I moved here 6 years ago, I’ve truly fallen in love with this city (cheesy line hehe).  But I feel like I have to make it VERY clear that the first 4 years I might as well have been in Timbuktu, because I was living in the LMU bubble.  And the sad part is that I thought I was ”exploring” LA while I was in college.  Let’s be real, all I was really exploring was inside those LMU gates. Honest, but true.

When I wasn’t doing all that, I was working at my internship with Trina Turk downtown, and rarely going out in West Hollywood with girlfriends, but that’s pretty much it.  Now I realize there is SO much more to LA than I thought. And I only learned that in my 5th and 6th year, but I feel like that’s kinda understandable because everyone’s in their own world/bubble when they’re in college?

So here are some things I’ve learned about LA through personal experience:

  • THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WEST AND EAST LA.  And here I’m talking about the people.  I chose to live on the West side because everyone’s a little more relaxed here and it’s just a better fit for me.  I feel like there’s a bit more kindness goin’ around, and that’s what I like to surround myself with.  Especially Venice (which is why we’re moving there).  The people in Venice are so inspiring, creative, and all about positivity.  I always meet such great people there.  And more towards the East, like WeHo and Hollywood, you get more of the socialites with a fast-paced lifestyle.

  • IT’S A SOCIAL MEDIA MAD HOUSE.  Literally every restaurant looks like it was designed specifically for social media.  Everything’s very insta-worthy, which is nice if you’re a blogger, but it can get a little crazy at times. If I see but first, coffee ONE MORE TIME.

  • THE TRAFFIC IS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU NOT GO PLACES.  The amount of events I’ve had to say no to because it’s over an hour of driving…. That’s a downside to living on the West side, because mostly all of the events and big nightlife are in Hollywood/WeHo.

  • SANTA MONICA IS SO TOURISTY.  When I lived in the LMU bubble I was at 3rd Street Promenade basically every weekend and now I can’t stand it.  So many creeps/psychos and selfie sticks.  (But obviously there’s great parts of SM besides 3rd street area)

  • THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD RESTAURANTS.  I have so many places saved in my Yelp that I want to go to. So much food and so little time.

  • IF YOU’RE A HEALTH GEEK LIKE ME, IT’S HEAVEN.  You can basically customize any order to fit your diet needs, and buy smoothies with stuff in it like wild reishi, deer antler (!), and albizi flower (WTF is this shit?!)

  • YOU’LL NEVER BE BORED WITH WORKOUTS.  If you’re like me and need variety in your workouts, this is the place for you.  I like hiking Runyon Canyon, going to the gym, and trying new workout classes.  It seems like every day there’s a new studio opening up with a different approach to a traditional practice.  In the past week I’ve tried boxing at Box n Burn and Barry’s Bootcamp, and I’m trying out a training session at Equinox tomorrow morning.

  • THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING GOING ON.  Growing up in OC, everything was VERY laid back.  TBT to texting friends ”what should we do tonight” ”idk what do you wanna do”.  It is POPPIN in LA 24/7.  There’s always something to do and somewhere to go 🙂

That’s it for tonight.  Do you guys agree or hate everything that I said? COMMENT BELOW with your beautiful thoughts <3

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