Girls Weekend

Sitting on the plane, just landed back in LA after an amazing weekend with my girls! I’m flying with American Airlines, and I’ve never experienced so many problems… first my flight was delayed two hours on the way here, and we ended up sitting on the plane for at least an hour and a half before actually taking off, and now our flight was delayed three hours on the way home, and we have to sit and wait for the gate to be available! Not a pleasant airline to be with and I definitely won’t be booking with them again.

I definitely did not get that much sleep this weekend, so it’s going to be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight!

The whole weekend we pretty much stayed at our hotel, the Wynn and the Encore. We loved the nightclub called XS and the Encore Beach day club so everything we needed was right there! It felt weird to not really leave the hotel area but it was still so much fun. We hung out with The Chainsmokers and Alesso which was cool too!

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  • Isabella Post author

    So sad to hear about your travels with AA, you should try to get some compensation. At least in Sweden you can get a whole lot of money for that many hours delay.
    BUT, I’m glad you had a really fun weekend with your girls 🙂 I hope I get the chance to experience it sometime. XO


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Yeah I feel like maybe it’s different in the US, but it’s always worth a shot!! I might as well have driven there myself haha. Thanks for reading love <3



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