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pictures from the photoshoot I did a couple weeks ago on Balboa Island in Newport Beach for Lovestrength belts and Swirl Boutique

I saw that quote today on Instagram and it really stuck with me.  Kindness and love are never wasted.  I love that because I think it’s so true.  You might think you wasted your love on someone who did not appreciate it, or showed kindness to someone who ended up letting you down, but it’s important not to think that way.  Because in the end, all that matters is what you have contributed to this world and the people in it.  Are you someone who spreads happiness to the people around you? Forget about reciprocation, be someone who you would want to cross paths with.  Be kind and love all <3

That’s my little thought of the day.  The quote might’ve spoken to you too, or it may not have, but I thought I would share what’s on my mind.

Sara and I looked at another apartment today and it was so perfect.  It was huuuge and it had these amazing high ceilings and open floor plan with two bedrooms and a loft upstairs.  It was almost everything we wanted.  But we’re not going to go for it because it’s available right now, and we need it towards the end of July / beginning of August.  We can’t pay double rent for a whole month, that’s insane.  It’s such a bummer though, since it was so suitable for us.  But we will keep on looking!  The search continues…

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  • Ellie Post author

    I think its nice when you share with us your thoughts and so. It makes your blog a little bit more personal 🙂 Perhaps you have some thoughts about differences between the swedish and american culture and people and so on 🙂 Take care. Best wishes, Ellie


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Thanks for saying that Ellie <3 Yeah that would be fun to do a comparison of different things between Sweden and the US!! Haha thanks for the suggestion love!


  • Isabella Post author

    Love the quote, the inspiration you spread & for sharing your thoughts around it. Gives me so much positive energy & to always do & be my best. You get what you give ❤️ Exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you! XO.


  • Linn Post author

    Hello beautiful Hanna 🙂
    I have A question about apartment/house Market where you live. Is it most common to rent a place or buy? Do you have a high rent if you look for apartments as you and sara? Do you find us easy to find available apartments? Here in stockholm the apartment market is CRAZY!! Prizes went up 40% in 3 years if you want to buy your apartment! Do you have the same problem in la? Hugs!


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi Linn!

      It’s definitely more common to rent here in LA. But it is sooo expensive. For a decent 2 bedroom on the West side it can be from $3000- $3700 a month. We’re struggling to find one that fits our needs and our budget. We will definitely have to sacrifice some things (like an updated kitchen, etc) to get a better price. I’m sure it’s crazy in Stockholm too!!



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