1.  I love the end pieces of a banana.  Definitely have the most flavor.

2.  I always listen to podcasts.  In the morning with Austin, or when I’m in the car and I’m not in the mood for music.

3.  I got eyelash extensions yesterday!!  I asked for them to look super super natural, but now I realize you can barely even notice them.  I might go for a little more drama next time I go in.

4.  My pet peeve: people who are hard to please / entertain.

5.  This is bad but I mostly get all of my groceries at Whole Foods.  I only feel bad because it is so expensive, but the quality of food is so worth it to me.


SLFZ_3815      SLFZ_4009

6.  I am the worst flyer.  If there’s even the slightest turbulence I freak the F out.  Headphones off. Tense legs. Tears. CHUG OF WINE.

7.  I chipped my two front teeth when I was younger so I can never whiten my teeth because they would be a different shade than the rest of my teeth.

8.  I never pick the right color at the nail salon.

9.  I fluctuate in weight VERY easily.  That’s why I almost gained ten pounds on my trip to Europe last week haha.

10.  I workout 3 times a week, and I always change it up with new classes, but I love a basic gym session on my own.

BONUS FACT: I have the worst memory :((((( I can’t remember shit.

ANOTHER BONUS FACT: OMG I had such a good fun fact and 30 seconds went by and I literally forgot what I was going to say haha. That is proof of Bonus Fact #1.  Now ‘m trying to remember…… can’t remember……..Ugh I literally can’t remember…. shit. **UPDATE** Omg I remember!  I have a 6 step morning skincare routine. Face cleanser, atmosphere protection cream, redness cream, eyes and lips, illuminating serum, and moisturizer. Thank you Austin for helping me remember that one… He was listing off all of these topics and once he said beauty I was like YESSSSS.

pictures from my shoot with Lovestrength and Swirl Boutique <3
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  • Maria Post author

    I feel the exact same way about ”good quality” food. That is very important to me. I always buy organic, because it taste so much better and we only have one life and one body. So why not give it the best food we can 🙂 🙂


    • hannamontazami Post author

      COULDN’T AGREE MORE. Enough with the sugar-free, sweetener B.S. Let’s put REAL food in our bodies!



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