To the main man in my life, who has taught me so many things, and who has shown me endless support and unconditional love, Happy Father’s Day daddy!

We celebrated by going to the boat and barbecuing some lunch in the sun.  It was such a nice day so we decided to take the boat out for a ride, and happened to be going at the same time as two whale watching boats, so we decided to follow them.  About 5-7 minutes out we found a whole pod of dolphins playing together with a whale!!! The whale made its first appearance with a breach, and then kept playing around our boats and coming up to the surface to say hi. It was so magical! There must’ve been around 50 dolphins swimming around our boat.  It was a perfect Father’s Day gift for my pops 🙂

After the boat we ordered a casual dinner and ate at home while watching the movie Get Out.  Such a creepy movie… have you guys seen it?

We just had my dad open his presents and he watched the video that we made him! Remember the one we made for my mom on Mothers Day? Well we made a similar one for my dad and he loved it<3

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