This Charming Little Town

The towns with the most charm always seem to have the worst wifi….. haha. The internet was down last night so I wasn’t able to post, so this is coming from a girl who woke up in the middle of the night!

I had so much fun with my mom and Nicho today.. seriously I laugh so hard when I’m with them! We explored downtown La Rochelle, complete with my favorite pistachio gelato, a little shopping for Nicho, and tons of café hangs. I’ve been to this town three times now so I have a good feel for my way around, so it was nice to show Nicho, who’s a first timer.  Sometimes I forget how big the language barrier is though… it can get really frustrating at times. Do any of you guys feel this way?  I guess I’m just used to people knowing basic English, and that’s definitely not common here! 

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