One of the Bosses

Have you guys EVER seen a pug drool like that? It was INSANE haha. His name is Sarge, and he lives at the house that I was shooting at today! We did a collaborative photoshoot with Montazami Brand and a few other woman-owned clothing and jewelry lines. It was a successful day for the boss babes (I’ve been surrounding myself with entrepreneurial women this year.  Not only is it a huge source of inspiration but you can learn so much from each other! I’ve met so many great people with good contacts in the industry I work in).  Maybe I’ll do a post on that soon…. surrounding yourself with the right people to benefit your business.

And just like that I’m off to Sweden tomorrow with my mom! Nicho is already in Stockholm with his friends but he’ll be meeting us in Malmö.  Getting really excited for the trip 🙂 Talk tomorrow loves.

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