One thing I’ve always been a little self-conscious of—- well, I don’t really want to say self-conscious, more like just annoyed about it— is some of the hair on my body and face.  I don’t like my sideburns, the hair in between my hairline and the sides of my eyebrows, and my happy trail. TRUTH.  I mean, who wants a freaking happy trail in 2017? There was even an area in the middle of my chest that bugged me because the hairs became darker as I became older.  It was cute and I didn’t mind it when it was blonde, but when it started to go to the dark side I just wasn’t into it.
So, I’m guessing most of us girls, and guys, have some areas on our body and face with unwanted hair.  Hair in areas that you’re just not comfortable shaving with a normal razor.

Que the solution……

TINKLE mini razors.

I ordered these babies on Amazon a few weeks ago and I’ve been staring at them since they’ve arrived, because I started to get a little nervous about trying it out.  I was nervous about cutting myself more than anything.  Before I opened the package I had to do some research.

I go to type into Google ”How to…” and then I was thinking hmm, what do you even call this? And then I typed in Tinkle and quickly realized I just typed ”How to tinkle” in Google haha. LOL.

So i took to Youtube and watched some videos on how to use it, and it looked so easy.  So I tried it.

YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF HAIRS THAT CAME OFF MY FACE.  Seriously you guys it was insane.  I had to call Sara to come in my bathroom to see for herself.  If you guys are like me and you have deep satisfaction in stuff like this, you would definitely enjoy this process haha.

Besides butching up one of my sideburns, I did pretty ok.  Everything looks great except for the sideburn that looks like a 3 year old boy coming home from a haircut.  It’s actually really bad now that I look at it.  Austin was like OMG what did you do.  Whatever, it will grow back… it was my first sideburn and I was learning.  

I ended up doing it above my eyebrows and lip, my chest, my happy trail, and my cheeks and sideburns.

Before I did this my skin was smooth and peach fuzzy feeling, and now its like a baby’s butt.  I love it!

So you’re probably wondering WELL IS IT GOING TO GROW BACK THICKER?!?! And the answer is no.  It grows back the same, it will just feel different because it’s growing back blunt instead of having fine ends.

 Sooo yeah. Have you guys ever done it? I’ve actually had it professionally done (pointless because you achieve the same result as a DIY treatment, but you probably won’t end up with a botched up sideburn which is always a plus) but from now on I’ll definitely do it myself!

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