YEP, that’s right. I froze my little butt off today and I liked it. I thought I would be the LAST person on this planet to enjoy cryotherapy (I hate cold, I love hot), but it was actually so refreshing! I tried it today after my boxing class (post about that coming soon) with my friends Hailee and Ella.  

So what is cryotherapy you ask? It’s a chamber of liquid nitrogen, or in some cases, refrigerated cold air, that drops below -200 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is COLD. 

What do you do? Well, first you strip down to nothing except for the long socks, mittens, and rubber booties that they provide you. Once you enter the chamber, you remove your robe and stand there naked for usually two minutes. My chamber was open at the top so I was able to speak with the girl who worked there as she handled the machine panel.  It wasn’t unbearable at all, in fact I actually really enjoyed it.

But the best feeling came AFTER I was done with my session. The employee took the temperature of my body and it said 57 degrees Fahrenheit…. which is usually supposed to be around 98 degrees. But damn did I feel refreshed! It was the perfect thing to do after my intense boxing class workout. I felt energized and recharged.  Some people I’ve talked to say that afterwards they felt intense heat waves going through their body, but I didn’t experience any of that! It might depend on a variety of factors like if you’ve trained that day, what you ate, etc.

Scientific evidence supports that it helps with arthritis, fibromyalgia, lesions, injuries and imflammation.  Although there isn’t much scientific proof, it is also believed to help with weight loss as well.

I would definitely do it again at that studio! I went to Renew Juicery (it’s actually a really good juice and almond mylk bar with a cryotherapy area in the back) in Culver City. The girls who work there are so sweet and informative.

Have you guys ever done cryotherapy? Did you enjoy it?

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