My Day in IG Stories

I’m sorry for these screenshot photos but I thought it could be fun just this once haha. It was a little hard to take photos today since I was shooting all afternoon, and working on the computer for the remainder of my time. I modeled for Lovestrength XO and Swirl Boutique down at the Balboa Island Fun Zone in Newport.  There were a lot of cute looks so I’m excited to see the photos 🙂

I’m so excited to just have the day to my self tomorrow. I have no shoots planned, just boxing in the morning and then I have the whole day to sit at a coffee shop and get work done on my laptop. We’re finalizing graphic tee ideas for Montazami Brand and other fun stuff!

Ps. Thanks to everyone who ordered from Montazami Brand’s three day sale!  We love every single one of you <3

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