New Makeup Look

tee by Day Dreamer LA
When you leave a 5 hour photoshoot only to take more selfies in the car… haha. I guess I was just really feeling my makeup?

I’ve completely revamped my makeup routine, not sure if you guys can tell but I made it more glow-y and natural. I really got inspired from the makeup artist who was at one of my photoshoots last week. Also, I decided I want to get a half set of eyelash extensions.  Key words here are ”half set” because I do not like when they’re too fake looking.  I used to be so against them but now I’ve seen them done right and I really want to try.  I just want to have that flirty ”natural” eye.  I actually hate the look of thick black mascara! Like, it’s not cute and so 2004.

Hope you guys are having a nice sunny weekend! I see you Swedes are FINALLY getting some sun!! Soak it up 🙂  

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  • Emelie Post author

    Hej! Jag älskar din blogg, får så mycket inspiration av den! Jag skulle bli jätte glad om du visade din hudvårdsrutin och även smink rutin. Kram


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi Emelie!

      I promise to do that once I get back from all of my trips in late September! <3 Thanks for being so kind to me!


  • Liz Post author

    Hi! I just came across your instagram page and I looove the way you do your makeup!

    What is the color of lipstick that you are wearing for this look?

    You should create more makeup videos on youtube please! 🙂



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