A few weeks ago a Malibu-raised girl reached out to me on my email, giving a little intro about who she was and how she had a small family skincare company that she would love for me to test out.  A few of the things that really grabbed my attention was when she mentioned the line was made from plant-based, natural derived ingredients, it was organic, and it was local.  Before I even responded I took a look at the website for a little behind the scenes research (like I always do with my collaborations!) and I was even more intrigued.

If it wasn’t the packaging that instantly caught my eye it was the overall mission and story about the company.  You know I love a good family company (ahem, Montazami Brand) so I was totally excited to try a few products out.  I emailed back expressing my interest, and she responded with a few questions about my skin, what I want to improve, etc. so she could tailor the product selection to fit my needs.

Well today I received the package and I’m here to tell you guys my first impression.  They sent me the atmosphere protection cream, eyes and lips, argan oil, ocean cleanser, and ocean milk cleanser.  I was randomly excited about the packaging being beautiful glass bottles (love that) but beyond that I was soo ready to try them out.

I tried all of the products except for the ocean milk cleanser, and it was so freaking amazing!  I’m not just saying that either, I have become a huge skincare freak over the past year or two so I’m very picky about what I put on my face.  I like what I like and I stick to the good stuff.  But I can tell you the Osea line will definitely make it’s way into my skincare routine.

Here’s what I love about it so far (short term results):

-the SMELL is like heaven.  It smells like nature and heaven had a baby.  Fresh, plant-y, oceanic, and natural is the best way to describe it.

-everything goes on very smoothly

they’re not sticky!  the atmosphere cream is a tad sticky right when you put it on but it smoothes out a couple minutes after

One thing that I really stand by is using good skincare products!  There can be a lot of icky ingredients like dyes, fillers, and chemical products in some skincare products, so make sure you do your research!

I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like it two or so weeks from now, so I can give you a full review of any changes I might notice.

you can see more of their products here

Lots of love,


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