Sister Modeling!

Monday means back to work! This week started off with a sister photoshoot for my friends clothing line, Donna Mizani.  How cool is it to model with your sister? And have completely different looks at the same time. One blondie and one brunette 🙂

My legs are so sore from standing in those heels all day though.  Steve Madden sure isn’t known for being comfortable, that’s for sure.  My thighs feel like I did an intense workout, and all I did was stand around (for 8 hours though)!

On another note I’m so saddened about the occurrences in Manchester, England today.  All I can think is why? Why and how? How could a human being do such a horrific act and kill so many innocent people.  It’s so sad.  Nowhere is safe anymore.  The world is seeing more darkness every day.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not seeing more light each day as well. Sometimes it’s so easy to give up on positivity when things like this are happening so often, but we have to try to keep on shining light and spreading happiness to those around us <3 

Praying for everyone in this world.

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