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It’s Fridaaaay.  My favorite day of the week.  I just love that feeling that Friday gives you.  You still feel productive because it’s a work day, but you are oh so ready to relax and have fun tonight.  I think today is movie/dinner date night with Austin so I’m excited to spend some down time with him.  This week I didn’t get to really hangout at home with Austin since we had so many events, I was down in OC, etc. so tonight we’ll make up for it!  What are you guys doing tonight?  Is it a relax at home with your dog or go out and party with the girls kind of night?

I had an event this morning and I knew I was going to shoot some bikini looks afterwards, so I had to put on my tan right before the event.  Like right before.  Yes I smelled like tan.  Yes I had to warn everyone ”I smell like tan” before they came up to hug me.  Am I really that girl that lathers on the fake tan last minute and makes everyone around me suffer from the smell?  YEP, guess so.  Whatever haha.

The tan I ALWAYS use and absolutely swear by is Loving Tan.  It seriously kicks ANY spray tan’s booty.  And this stuff is applied in the convenience of your own bathroom and it only takes a little more than five minutes.  You can kiss the days of putting on your tight jeans on your freshly spray tanned (still moist) body goodbye.  And then sitting in the car like a cricket trying to not rub your tan on the seats…. what a nightmare.

So do I recommend Loving Tan?  YES.

Is it the best color?  I definitely think so!

Am I going to do an at-home tanning tutorial for you guys?  YES.

Pictures or video? VIDEO.

WHEN?! Next time I go to OC, I’ll film it in my moms gorgeous bathroom. My bathroom here in LA is just not photo-worthy, hence why you guys have probably never seen it here on the blog haha.

Remember the photos above is me with the tan BEFORE I’ve washed it off.  It may look a little extreme / blotchy in some areas but that will smooth out once I shower.  Then I’m left looking like a beautiful bronzed hot dog.  But for real I actually look like a hot dog in the picture below haha.


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