Rough Day

Top from Donna Mizani // jeans by Storets // belt by Lovestrength // Sara’s bag haha (don’t know the name of the brand)

Today was rough… we found out about a HUGE production problem for Montazami Brand. The pants that I was SO excited to release are now all ruined and unusable. Our production team messed up all of the grading, so everything was 3 times smaller than what it should’ve been.  I could barely even get the size Large over my hips…. 

I’m so bummed. The pants will hopefully be replaced (if we can find more of that same material) but still it was a huge waste of our time and money.  We will never work with that production team ever again!

This kind of stuff happens sometimes, especially when the design and production process includes more than 1 party.  But every mistake can be turned into a lesson, so I always take away something positive from a negative situation.

On another note, I didn’t get the hair commercial job.  Haha this hasn’t been the best week, but it’s definitely not the worst! I’ll just keep trying.  There is so much opportunity here in LA, which is a big reason why I moved here. Just keep trying until you get where you want to be!

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  • Ana Josipa Post author

    Fortsätt kämpa Hanna!
    It’s just like you say; you have to keep trying until you succeed!
    You go girl, have a nice weekend! <3



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