California Classic Part 1

Hampton Wrap Top // Hampton Wrap Skirt // Polka Dot Palazzo Pants // White Topanga Tee // White Malibu Tee // Maria Necklace 

All from Montazami Brand

This is our latest lookbook that I’ve been telling you guys about! We shot it at Victoria Beach in Laguna, a beach that I’ve been going to since I was literally 12 years old.  I knew it was the perfect location for us and our vision! We chose to name it California Classic, because that’s exactly what we feel our clothes are. We love the beach, the sun, and being happy. That is the true Montazami Beand girl!  Our goal is to create clothes that women feel great in,  no matter what the occasion. Dress it up or dress it down.. it’s meant to be both. 

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